Kinda Like The Sexiest Thing I've Been Told

This happened while I was still pretty young. I'm pretty sure I was 17. I was at my friend's house (who shall remain nameless, but we weren't dating) and me, her and her mom got stoned and were watching a movie. Me and her were sharing french vanilla ice cream (vanilla drives me nuts) and began texting each other so her mom could remain oblivious. Things turned steamy and then she went to the washroom. After she came back, she handed me her cell and asked me to go into her room and listen to what she had recorded. It was about 45 seconds of her moaning and it was SO damn sexy. Needless to say, I ended up staying the night.
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Haha sneaky! sneaky! :p



I read this a while ago. I just thought about it. And had to find it and say wooowwwwwwweee O.o<br />
<br />
HAHAHA.<br />
<br />
*blushes and runs away*

O_o I was just going through my stories and this one has the most views out of all of 'em. 702.

That is pretty hot, I must admit.

*fans self*<br />

*fans self*