My 2nd, First Time....

It was my first relationship with another woman. we worked together and were friends. Then she started flirting and saying little things under her breath about how attractive I was, blah blah....

Then our first night together intimately, she pushed me against the wall and whispered in my ear right before she kissed me, " I told you I was gonna have you......"


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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I took this one boy that was about 13 and I was 15 to a place on the beach where nobody was around and took my bikini off. He just sat there staring at me while I danced around him. I said well aren't you going to take yours off. He said i'm afaid too. I sat down with him and put my hand on his stuff and said you will and can't do anything about it !! He got hard then I pulled them off him. I laid down and asked him to lay on me and he did, I put his thing between my legs and wanted to put it in me but he shot it all over the place before I could put it in !!! I slapped his testicles hard and said hey !!! He curled up, I guess I ruptured him. After a few minutes of playing with him he got super hard again and then I got him to do it again and he actually put it in me and stroked about three times and shot it out again !!! This time I jerked my knee up into his balls and said you should let me have fun first. I put my bikini on and left to swim some while he was curled up in pain. He laid there like that for a half an hour and then I came up to him and asked him if he was every going to recover?? This kid had some weak balls !!!

Jealous. Good for you.

that is very sexy especially when said by a woman

At the time though, I wasn't in my clearest fr<x>ame of mind, and all I could think about was her lips on mine. After that, the rest was history! LOL