Three Simple Words ......

"I Want You"


 Of course, it is not the words alone, but the person that says them, that was the sexiest part

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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I really love when he tells me that....I have to agree with you flutterbly it's the person that tells you those words that make them sexy.

beautiful<br />
sweet<br />
Amazingly good looking<br />
beautiful lips <br />
<br />
" I cant wait to kiss those sexy lips"<br />
" you have the most gorgoeous eyes"<br />
<br />
" are you spanish? "<br />
ME: "NO?"<br />
" cos I saw the eyes the lips and thought Angelina Jolie"

Sexist thing: I DO<br />
<br />
Worst thing was 25 years latter saying, I DON"T WANT TOO.

That will work.


I want you to give me foods.

those words are good to hear.