Flutter's Tracks

W hen youre lonely          November Rain- Guns n Roses         -

when youre happy                     - Ride a White Horse- Goldfrapp

when youre bouncy                 -5 years time- Noah and the Whales

when youre feelin country    Annie's Song- John Denver     

when youre depressed             - Numb - Linkin Park

when youre hatin                      - Avenging Angels- Space

when youre lookin good             -Sweet about Me- Gabriella Cilmi

when youre goin out                  - Here Come the Girls- Ernie K Doe

when youre hookin up               Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

when youre gettin married           White Wedding Billy Idol

when youre in love                    Nothing Else Matters- Metallica 

when you're mad                        Butterflies and Hurricanes or Knights of Cydonia- Muse or Shut up and Let me Go- Ting Tings

when someone passes away     Frozen Charlotte- Natalie Merchant

when youre on the run!               -Don't Stop the Music- Rhianna      

when you get your heart broken         Back to Black- Amy Winehouse

when youre by yourself                  - 74-75 - The Connells/ World Looking In- Morcheeba

when youre cruisin town               -Slither- Velvet Revolver

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Nov 1, 2008