My Usernames

I have had three (3) user names since the days of M-Irc back in 1997- Psychotic Angel & Sleeping Insomniac - Which both names now have been taxed (stolen) from a couple of grudge bands (apparently they can't think of something original) and of course Queenslander. (usually with a number behind it)

Queenslander is because of the state I live in (Queensland, Australia).  I am a huge supporter of any sport played by Queensland, in any tournament or friendly game.  The opposing team always shouted back to my War cry's - "Bloody Queenslander" (of course tamed down because of the younger audience) - So i removed the explicit and kept Queenslander.  (please note all Queensland supporters are called Queenslanders)

Psychotic Angel was given to me by an old girlfriend (which is a great friend to this day) whom made the analysis whilst a few of us were walking back from a blue light and a few boys jumped out and one with a knife - needless to say after a few threats aimed towards the ladies were made I grabbed the knife (cutting my knuckle) and threw it on the roof of a near by building and proceeded to chase down the 6 culprits but only catching 2 and hogtied them with their own belts.  So I waited for 4 hours until the police arrived to take them into custody who than gave me a stern warning (because I was underage) not to leave someone hogtied for so long.  I explained that they kept threatening me that once they were free they would kill me.   The police didn't believe that I felt threatened, but a threat it was nether the least.

Sleeping Insomniac was from the days of study vs weekends - I didn't have to sleep for a few days and when I did I'd still have 8 hours sleep - though it got to a stage where I could really have a full on phone conversation while I still slept- You'd call me, I'd answer in my sleep and talk to you like normal but would never remember a thing (this is by means of without drugs and without alcohol).  The older I got the easier it was to wake.  But the easier It was to fall asleep as well..... I ten minute car rides became power naps.  Road trips became my sleep (mind you, my mates would yell for me to take photo and I would get it in frame and focus within 10 seconds and fall back to sleep before the camera wound down) - So use to survive on approximately 40 hours worth of sleep a week - until a doctor friend of mine warned me about serious side effects that WILL happen if I didn't sleep in a regular pattern.  I still go weekends Friday night till Sunday Afternoon - with 8 hours so the name Sleeping Insomniac.
Queenslander Queenslander
26-30, M
Jul 5, 2010