Cherrysissy ~ Or ~ Miss Cherry

Actually it’s a little odd that I came up with this name. Usually, and traditionally in my family, (of French Creole descent) everyone has a French name. And, since French girl’s names are so pretty, I’m kind of amazed I didn’t end up with one. I think if I had to chose all over, it would be a cutesy sexy French name. But, here is the evolution of name, cherrysissy.

My name originally was Cheryl which was just a slight repronunciation of my given male name. It was okay, but I’ve never been a very formal person and it just seemed too serious and cold. (Even my male name, I never really used, and was know to all my family and friends with the more familiar "erry" ending conversion to a more familiar nickname.) So, eventually, Cheryl just naturally became Cherry for the same reason. (And, of course, Cherry sounds almost exactly my male nickname as well.)

I like being Cherry. It’s sweet, pretty, delicate and very sexy in an innocent sort of way. That really describes me pretty well. On the internet I am my real me and I always use the name Cherry just so I can be myself. I really prefer it over my documented formal, and other nickname. I feel like everyone who knows, and likes, me for who I really am, knows me as Cherry. (Even my friends who know me for the real me in real life all call me Cherry.)

The main reason I became "cherrysissy" was because just Cherry was already taken and I had to find something else. I didn’t want to try to fool, or mislead people into thinking I was born a girl and, the word "sissy" is very special to me. Contrary to it’s often negative connotations, did you know, it simply means "little sister?" I liked that idea and felt like it fit me. Also, I really dislike the terms, crossdresser, or transvestite. Those are totally male oriented concepts suggesting that if you have an affinity for femininity you are somehow a sub category, or deviation of maleness. The word sissy is all girl and totally female positive. I just do not think of myself as a lesser man because I love to be a girl, rather as simply a girl who is always evolving into a more positive and rewarding female. I love claiming the word sissy as my own and wearing it with pride and joy. I am a sissy (and very happy to be girl positive).

I love the prefix, or title, of Miss and started to add it to my name, but it just too cumbersome. I have earned a few substantial male (military) and gender neutral titles that I could put before, or after, my name, but the only I ever use, and the one I love, is Miss. I love being called "Miss!" I feel like it is my greatest accomplishment and it simply makes my heart jump for joy every time I get called that! So, even through my username is cherrysissy, you can call me Miss Cherry any time! kiss 

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Thank You Mistress P,<br />
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As someone who has learned that being obedient and being vulnerable are the the true cravings of my libido, earning the reward of "good girl" makes me feel proud, protected and happy. In fact, nothing motivates me more. Thank you with smiles!<br />
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miss cherry

Nicely told story, Miss Cherry. Good girl.

I would love to have a girly name, but I've decided not to use it until I get the nerve to shave my body. I trim and shave some of my private parts but want to become smooth.