The name AdiRudi comes from the Dassler brothers, Adolf (Adi) & Rudolf (Rudi). After World War I, Adi started to produce sports shoes in his mother's kitchen. After his brother Rudi joined the business in 1924, the company became known as the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. After World War II, the relationship between the brothers turned sour & Rudi established the sportswear company Puma. Adi changed the name of the family business to Adidas as a contraction of the name Adi Dassler.

As for why I've chosen that as a name, it kinda started when I signed up for YouTube in July 2006. I had to think up a name quickly. I'd remembered I'd recently read something somewhere about the Dassler brothers & how one founded Adidas & the other Puma, so I went with AdiRudi. Since then, I've been known as that on YouTube & on several other sites.
AdiRudi AdiRudi
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Hey, that's actually a pretty brilliant story to share! I think I'm going to annoy friends and family with the story behind Puma and Adidas now hahaha.<br />
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Thanks for sharing! It's a pretty cool nickname, especially with the little history lesson behind it.

Thanks :-) I'm glad you do. It's pretty random, but pretty cool too I think.

wow,,, that's amazing. and i love that username :D