Sux2bu In Context

It can sound offensive to some, but it is meant to be an attitude of compassion for those in pain or have hard lives and just want others to empathize with them. I learned this phrase while I was in the depths of depression. I know what it is like to "be in the mud". And it is so much better to have someone sit there with you. It is healing. (when someone is there with you thinking, "Yea, that does suck! Maybe I'd feel that way too if I was in your shoes. I see what you mean. That is hard. How do you do it?", then you feel more understood and not so alone or crazy) And then you can eventually get up when you are ready, brush the mud off, and walk on in dignity. At that stage, you don't need someone to fix you, give you the answers to life, straighten you out, give you a kick in the pants, give you an attitude adjustment, or be your cheerleader. You just need someone who cares and won't leave you all alone. You need someone to believe in you and see your worth. And it is true that some people, esp. those who carry pain within them and just haven't faced it, are very miserable people. Some of them are hard to be with, and hard to empathize with, and are even easy to get angry and frustrated toward. It is easy to loose your patience with them. I don't believe anyone (except for Jesus Christ) can deal effectively with everyone. So for those that I run into that I realize I personally cannot help or cope with, I say, under my breath or in my mind, "sux2bu", and then I am able to remember and accept my own personal boundaries. So to say that little phrase helps me personally in those occasions so that I don't over-step my boundaries to try and fix that person to behave and think the way I want them to, demand that they be happy and responsible, because I really don't know their situation and where they are coming from. In any case, even if that miserable person has offended me in some way, like said something obnoxious, mean, or rude, or they cut me off in traffic or are inconsiderate of others in some way, I still can maintain an attitude of compassion. There are a lot of things I cannot control or change, but one of the things I can is my own attitude.
Tohru44 Tohru44
41-45, F
Aug 7, 2010