I Dont Know What To Do Anymore.

I dont want to be someone who moans about how rough their life is all the time which is why im resorting to this cause i cant keep unloading my problems on people i know. The past two years have probaly been the hardest iv known my dad got diagnosed with cancer around a year and half ago now a few months after that my brother bowls failed him and ruptured. since then iv spent the majority of my time going from one hospital to the next the worest is over for my brother he had two operations and had a colostramy bag for half a year but seeing him lying in the ICU unit with all those tubes coming out him still keeps me up at night. My dad cancer wasnt surpose to be a very dangerous tye but the more different chemos they try the less chance they have of curing him. He's saying he cant hamdel the chemo anymore its doing more damage than good. My mum has some mental health problems which makes living with her even harder. I cant cope anymore im constantly scared and I feel like im losing everything.
ClarisJonas ClarisJonas
Aug 9, 2010