If you look up any user named Mastermind109 you'll most likely find It's my username. Mastermind as it sounds I like to play mind games with people. You may think you know me but really you don't and I'm not the only one who does this sort of thing. Of course the hardest person to know is yourself cause there are things we do and we don't know we do them. I'm aware that there is probably something like that about myself as well. Now as for 109 this is a little bit tricky to explain I've tryed to explain this once but it wasen't on computer so I'll try the best I can. 0 is nothing by it's self and yet holds many possibleiys 1-9 to me are those possiblitys. And no I can't spell. What the username is to me is that as a Mastermind on the internet I hold many possiblieys to mess with people but also to help them. To explore to understand thats how I am. Jeez I sound like a jerk huh? oh well maybe next time...
mastermind109 mastermind109
Sep 3, 2010