Beautiful White Horse With Wings and a Horn

I think unicorns are beautiful, I actually don't like horses and I am even scared of them but there is something about pegesus that is adorable. I love unicorn and I wish they would be real.
GrueneRose GrueneRose
5 Responses Jan 4, 2008

Heaven's not real either.

Unicorns are very real in Heaven. So if you Live for God and keep His Ten commandments you will get to see a unicorn in the Kingdom Of Heaven!

Horses are very fine animals. The skittishness comes from how they are trained and their bloodlines.I believe that is from training and how they are handled myself.<br />
We have several horses here most are rescues we've had since they were 3mos.old. They grew up with me sleeping out in the paddocks with them. Sometimes I still do when I get the chance.I've awakened a lot of mornings to one of them standing over me,protecting me like I was their baby. If someone has never been around horses I can understand their fears. They are big and powerful animals but if raised and trained right just like with a dog, you can't find a more loyal and loving animal. My own personal horse is like a 2,000lb Rottweiler he's a Percheron and thanks to him I feel perfectly safe trail riding alone.

Pegasus was a flying horse. Wasn't a red Pegasus the symbol for Standard Oil? No horn.

My name is Suziecute because my best friend said it suits me. I think that its weird cause many people tell me im