When I first joined EP I had to use JustLuna as my username it looks like the one I wanted was already taken but I wasn't satisfied with the way it sound anyways there is different reasons why I love this name:

Luna means moon is spanish

I'm obsessed with the moon and anything related to it in a deep level such as spiritual, emotional, fantasy and even the effect it does on earth like fishing, harvest, weather, and also how different cultures gives so much importance to the moon    

I am night person and this is how I relate to it the most since every time I look for night or dark pictures is the moon who appears in most of them

if I want to give a beautiful meaning to my username I will look at it as a light in the darkness when you look inside and find that beautiful shine that comes from within


OoLunaoO OoLunaoO
5 Responses Apr 29, 2011

Thanks whateverrrr I have heard people speaking italian before not so different from spanish

Luna means moon in spanish. La luna also means the moon in italian.<br />
Nice username. :)

thanks laj8

I like your user name as well as how you went about choosing it. Very nice:)

thanks bohenmianchild it sure does for me