Dustygirl122: the Story, Lol

Every username means something, so here is the story behind dustygirl122. There are 2 of them, so.....

When I was little, in 3rd grade, we moved to the house my dad lives in now. I was a tomboy then, and still am a bit today, lol. I used to catch grasshoppers and roll down hills and eat things off the floor if I was dared too. I loved to be dirty and be outside (one thing that hasn't changed) The kids were looking for a way to pick on me so they started calling me Dusty. When they learned I liked the nickname, they used it everyday, lol, even the teachers called me it sometimes. Eventually I moved my status from a geek to a person to be reckoned with and they stopped using it. My friends call me it sometimes though still.

The other reason I am called dustygirl is because of my favorite horse at the stables I work at. I volunteer at some local stables who give theraputic riding lessons to disabled kids. I am in charge of 9 horses and one of those horses is named Dusty. She is a thoroughbred, Quarter Horse mix barrel racer, retired now, but used to win her owner millions. She was my favorite cause I would sometimes walk through the stables singing and she would whinny along, she also nuzzled me and let me ride her perfectly without even having to move my legs.


Well, there's my story. They are not as interesting as other stories on here but they probably gave somebody a good laugh.

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Your story is great!

Don't be too critical. That's an awsome way to get a screen name. Besides, I'm biased because I love horseback riding myself.