When I first joined EP..I was Willalwayswonder!! Because I had reunited for a romantic weekend with my HS that left me with a very wondering the name fit perfect! But then in time..I no longer was wondering and wanted a different I came up with theheartofmemphis...because it just seemed to fit my personality well!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
46-50, F
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Well I started with "Olduglydude" since I am a sarcastic person by nature...I thought it fit.<br />
<br />
Old because I am over 50. Ugly.....because my wife always tells me how ugly I am<br />
and well here in SoCal, every one is a "dude"<br />
<br />
But friends requested a change..they said I was not old, or ugly....and a few were calling me big guy!<br />
My old boss, she used to call me Big guy! I always sort of enjoyed that. <br />
so I became "Abigguy4u" and I think it is a good fit for now!

Jack is not my real name but a nik name I've had for many years, from Jack of all trades, I went to school as an engineer, I was a hellicopter pilot in the Navy, a professional musian, I've raced cars and motorcycles, worked for a oil company as an engineer and ran a machine shop that made small parts for the computer industry. Now I'm a bum, I work part time for a rental car company and when I have time I make parts and do alittle welding for my buddys and their old motorcycles and I'm old.