The X

Uhmmm.... so the story behind my username...

Well when I came here I didn't know what to pu ton my username, so I got to think about something because I didn't want to use my name..... I remember that I was watching "The X Files" on that time(I was watching in last year, I was born in 94, and I wanted to see that show so I was watching), and I was actually listening to the theme in the day, so how I was fascinated by it I decided to use "X" so well... the thing is that one letter is too short.... so I decided to put "The" before the "X", and well it's not just that actually, I have a second motive.....

My second motive is that X is the mystery, like in a simple equation x+1=4.(5-4)... we don't know what number is X and we try to find it.... and the x files show was always about mystery..... and telling the truth I am a mystery to myself... I really don't know myself at all, but the basics, like name, age and other stuff, but I'm telling like really know you inside.... and for that is all a mystery to me, so I decided "TheX" and never changed and never will, because it doesn't matter how many years it pass I will continue to be a mystery to myself because I think inside each of us we have the infinite to be explored, and we can't get in the infinite...... that's it....

TheX TheX
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2 Responses Oct 25, 2011

valid reason behind your username. great!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheX he is a mystery that im going to solve one way or another nyah