Gumshoe was the name of a very dear cat that passed away when I was in my early 20s. Gumshoe came into my life when I was 12 and was a very special animal friend to me. I received more unconditional love from that cat then most humans. When he passed on I grieved for months and still find myself thinking of him from time to time.
He was the most handsome gray tabby, he was extremely affectionate and very intelligent. I used to take him on walks with me where he would of course walk me. I named him gumshoe because he was so curious, always exploring, always seeking just like a detective.
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What a clever name and a neat way to keep Gumshoe's memory and spirit close to you!

Yes, thank you Dente!

Aww, he sounded like an awesome cat! I agree, cats and dogs give more unconditional love than most human :-) <br />
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How did you decide upon his name? I love the name gumshoe, because I'm a huge fan of film noir and the decective story, which invariably had the gumshoe detective. Is that how he came by his name?

He was extremely curious and seemed to always be exploring... like a little detective, so yes that is why I chose Gumshoe!

They're like that, aren't they, so inquisitive, bless 'em :-)

Animals are amazing.... I've always found that cats are particularly intuitive and comedic!

I love animals, especially cats because of the attitude they exude! lol. Thank you so much for the comment.

It's amazing how they can maks such an impression on you, even after they are gone. I think life would be very boring without pets, very unfulfilling.

I agree, i still find myself thinking of my gumshoe. Pets are precious. Thanks so much for commenting.

Mine comes from my first name, Emmi, and my favorite thing..cake

aww very cute, thank you for sharing.