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I see everyone has a story but not like mine it's crazy how I'm gone to tell it to all of you. As a child I knew I was different I wouldn't say I was shy but I never really connected with people spirit lets just say within five minutes I will have you all figure out and as a child I never understood why would I know that person but never really talk to them before and why would I have my mind set. I realize I'm different then others and very sensitive to how people feel at the moment :) but this is my life I was giving so what to do other then live it to my fullest even if it was just me against the world... Wow this is my story... when everyone was going out,dating,enjoying there new found friendship.. I was studying each action trying to figure out why are so many people the way they are..the reason I said that is because I'm very humble person with a heart of gold but I always saw dark side of people the envy,hate,misery, and insecurities...I can say that is not me and it bother me to know some was just so dark.. So I meet my soulmate (my first and my last) and my journey started to change... My short story ..........
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User name story is at My profile and then in my stories. Very short.

What can you do????? This is why you need help...I will continue to pray for your peace of mind and heart because you really need it...we can only pray for them and believe that the lord will save them from such pain but we can't do anything else and we can beat ourselves up over it because I know god will save them from such pain :)

... I don't know if your really as humble as your username suggest, but it does explain it.

Funny you say that because I don't think me and you ever meet :) it's funny how some think they can judge you and know you by the things you write but only the bad minded ones will read text and make it into something negative and it was just a question

I mean, humble is only for someone who does not think their heart is of gold.

Humble to me means one thing humble to you means another me saying I have a heart of gold or silver does not justify mu humbleness....so you judging me is that humble lol

I do not judge, I just say my thoughts. What about them judge you? Other than saying you do not appear humble, I do not define you, meaning I have yet to judge you. Or are you simply misinterpreting what judging means?

You don't know me to say if I'm humble or not humble..you don't know the good I do and the good in my heart ...its not a debate that's your opion but as long as jah knows everyone else I can careless about what they think...bless up

I am saying you do not appear so, and considering your blowing it out of proportions, I am guessing I was more or less right about it. It's not a debate, true, and it might appear a opinion, but honestly, what humble person would type as you do? You might be kind, but your not humble as far as kindness might go. And your right, I do not know you, yet what you say give enough to learn what your not.

I'm glad to see you are concern with my humbleness and I'm glad to see you analyze my writing but just as I was always taught your journey belongs to you and no one can say who you are or what you are only your heart can do so. I don't think writing can justify anyone humbleness and for someone to try to is just plain crazy I'm glad you can pick it up but what I write but I'm humble and kind at the same time sorry you feel different but if you don't like what I write just don't read it we can agree to disagree but again you don't know me and you can read what I write and take it another way and someone else can read the same thing and see it another way lol don't be so negative about anyone you never meet or know it only makes you look foolish bless up

Though, by your claims to be humble, you overshadow what humbleness is about. To claim it, it simply proof your not humble. Who looks foolish by claiming thus is only you. I know truly humble people, and trust me, your not one of them. Even the way you reply reveal that your kinda stuck up, probably used to get things your way by acting something which your not. Though that might be a over judging based on interpreting your replies according to the human psychology hypothesis by some refined psychologist in united states of america. It's not negative to speak against you, though you do know, humble people act different than you on such replies. And you have failed to prove your humbleness at all accordingly.

Oh yea I don't have to prove anything to anyone...you need help if you so worried about what I write...you wrote on my story I defend myself and then you try to do low blows about me and you don't know me and if I was to do that on your story I will need to step back and look at myself.....own your problems not mine because you have quiet a few this is suppose to be positive but I will stand up for myself and you or anyone else will get the best of me humble or not I'm not the one to let anyone talk crazy about something they know nothing about..... Stay in your lane not mine because I sleep good at night.....do you

Actually I don't sleep good at night, because I know people starve out there. Someone has a horrible life, and I am lying there in my bed while someone out there is screaming in terror or maybe even killed. How can I sleep knowing I can do nothing about it?

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Thank you...I love so passionate, I forgive so quickly, and my heart so big....19 years and counting...like anything it hasn't been all good that's only in fairy tells but when it's your soul mate and you love with your all nothing can stop it from growing into one :)

I'm very happy for you to have met your soulmate. Not many people are so fortunate in love.