pentupfreedom is an oxymoron. I picked this name at a time when I was mildly depressed. Well, more than mildly depressed. I once heard depression described as being locked in a room with open doors. This description was more than adequate for me, hence the moniker, pentupfreedom.
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom
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I came up with the name "delayedgratification" to represent my interests in ****** denial/chastity. It also ironic because I have absolutely zero patience for anything in life O:-)

found it!! I like this. reading this feels like you just built a new room in my brain. very clever. Hope you are feeling better these days?

much better

When I first came to EP I used the name 3monthcoma, an homage to an experiece I once had. I then met Pinksman4 and we fell in love so I changed my name to show my devotion to my man

'locked in a room with open doors' that's serious reality my friend.

Huh...question asked and answered....

I like it.


Very clever and creative... Love ur name.<br />
God bless you.

Good desc<x>ription of depression. Great name.


Well.. I have read your screenname on so many occasions I felt,"this is me to a T"... lol. Very well thought out, clever and yet poignant ... I like it alot...

Thank you


Thank you for telling me. I often wondered if this was a question you get asked alot!