My Name Comes From Saving Someones Career

I was working at USC for the school of Pharmacy. I was in the process of creating it's IT department but at that time I was the IT department. One evening a prominent research scientist came to me in tears. It was grant writing time you see and the grant proposal that she needed to continue her research and keep her 5 lab staff employed was on her computer that now said no operating system please insert disk.

Her hard drive somehow  had been corrupted. I always had a bag of tricks up my sleeve so I set out to try and save the professors career. The grant was due next week. She had planned on sending it in that evening. I tried several things without success but I was determined to get her something After about two hours of painstaking searching a copying, using all the crude tools I had on had, this was 1997  after all, I successfully got all her grant proposal off the drive and most of the research data that hadn't been backed up.

I gave her the files and wrote it off as just another day's work. You see, I didn't know at that time how important those documents were. After that day she started calling me KISAman. I would just smile and nod thinking I wasn't privy to some new slang term. After about a week I said "OK I'll bite what does KISAman mean?" She said "oh I thought you knew, KISA is Knight In Shining Armor". She then she explained to me what I had actually done for her. I didn't know that research scientists at these private universities are employed only as long as they continue to get grants. I don't know about state universities but she was a hairs breath from out the door.

Today this same professor is close to a Alzheimer's treatment and prevention drug. That was early data I had saved. Had she been out the door that little bit of hope would have been lost to the world.

KISAman was taken on AOL when I tried to register that name for the first time. So a white knight in shining armor does pretty well in it's place. AWhiteKISA.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

wow, what a wonderful story, do you live in calif?

I lived in LA for 17 years. I'm now in the DC area.

Cool! Congratulations. It's so awesome that you played a part in that person's career and funding and research. That's the kind of story that you can take out every so often, think about it and feel good about yourself. Your story made me smile. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your kind words. It's not often we can make a difference in a life and that time I was the right person at the right place and time. I know what you mean about taking it our every now and then, I do feel good about that. I hadn't thought about it for a while until i saw this question. I can hang my hat on that one. thanks again!