I'm A Fan Of Tezuka Osmau

I watched the B&W Astro Boy cartoons (didn't know the word Anime at the time) as a kid. I forgot all about it until I ran into it again on Youtube and also found the 1980 and 2003 color versions on Hulu (not to mention the 2009 CGI movie). I then did some searching on the web and found out about Osmau Tezuka, Astro Boy's (err actually Tetsuwan Atom's) creator and all the other fantastic work that he did. I also found many books about Tezuka, Anime, and Manga in the library. I'm now a devoted fan of Tezuka and I also enjoy his other works such as Black Jack, Phoenix, Buddha, Next World, Metropolis, and others. I'm also writing a sci-fi short story that's a parallel version of Tetsuwan Atom that has bits of Osmau Tezuka's life story in it as part of the plot background. So now you know where my user name and avatar come from.
TetsuwanAtom TetsuwanAtom
56-60, M
May 7, 2012