I've actually been asked about my name by some users who realize it is italian,

Its literal meaning is poison tooth, as in

C’ho il dente avvelenato. Literally, “I have a poison tooth,”

this phrase implies: “When I speak on this topic, be aware that I am foaming-at-the-mouth or very passionate about it, and anything I say is colored by that.”

I thought this best fit the nature of my posts on EP as I can get a little aggressive and zealous about subjects I am passionate about.

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Apparently it's an idiom to do with holding a grudge, or something?

Do you speak Italian? I should really learn it, I love the sound of it.

I speak a "version" of Italian :)

I think saying 'holding a grudge' misrepresents it ... Culturally the meaning is different.

How would you describe it? And this "version" of Italian, is that like the kind I speak when I'm reading menus? :P

No my version means half my family comes from Ticino.

It means to speak about certain things with fervor and maybe aggressively but, not necessarily against it...

Ohhh, Svizzera? I've got family in the Bernese Oberland, but my Schwyzerdutsch is even more non-existent than my Italian :P

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I keep flucking up your name, I always shorten it to Dante instead of Dente! If you ever see me do it and it offends I'm very sorry, as soon as I hit send I know I've done it again but I'm usually too lazy to rectify it!

it is okay, alot of people type dante instead of dente

I annoy myself doing it though! I'm aware of it until each time I go to write it, when an 'a' sneeks in! Grrr!

okay but, I still love you!!!

*Blushes*, in that case can I beg a cheeky favour? I'm really enjoying the thread between you and baby, any chance you could start a new one to save on the scrolling! I'm getting scrolllers wrist here! Lol!

<------ i will try!!!

Mwah! Thank you!

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Being intrigued by what you kindly explained on your Whiteboard I finally found this.
Now I am intrigued even more ;-)
[...browsing through your 1687 groups... and enjoying it]

I love your choice in username. :)

thank you

I guess I have a poison tooth too. Whoooppppeeeee!

*knowing smile*<br />
<br />
This I like. :)<br />
<br />
<br />
I linked you to mine on Pen's story. :)

Uh.. well, I know where your name comes from ;)

She asked for the reason cheeky face... Though to be fair I didn't really give it. :)

Cheeky face is cute.. that's a new one for me. I used to be called freckle face. No one calls me that anymore cause I'm 6'-3" and built like a guerrilla, but I know they still think it. You are English.. you must be well used to freckles by now :)

I am Irish... I have possibly seven of the palest freckles on the bridge of my nose. The rest is white as snow - alabaster. :) But yes, there are a few freckly people moseying about here too. ;)

are you Irish.. like living in Ireland Irish? If so I could die of envy. Please don't make me die of envy, I am not ready.

Okay then. I'm, uh... from... Venus. That's right, isn't it? ;)

Oh man.. oh man.. this isn't good. You are living in my dream. Don't you disillusion me either. Oh.. not fair. It's the only country I ever really wanted to go to. Damn the English! Oh but some of them are lovely. This poor American immigrant will never find his way back home. Tis a shame I tell you! There was an ep girl called flutter or butterfly something and she was from there you MUST know her personally right? Anyway, she would send me pics of the the countryside along the coast. Like a postcard.. oh boy. I am not sure we should ever speak again. Xo

Do I need to get the smelling salts? ;)

I like the smell of pipe smoke. It reminds me of my childhood. :)

Wow, Subcommandante Marcos has a lotta shotgun shells...

HR if I can be an IRA guerrilla then YES!

Sonnet.. truth be told lass I am only probably 1/4 Irish, but that part of me is really loud and hard to ignore. I think that is enough to get a free ticket to Israel if I was a Jew. And I know it woukd be enough to get me on a reservation if I was an native American, so why don't you guys have a buy back program for the lost souls that left durring the potato famine! It is wrong that you don't.

I'm sorry... I'll write a letter. See what I can muster. :)

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That's a fun username, was wondering what it meant (though, I was guessing something Italian or Latin).<br />
<br />
In concert with the game, here's mine: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Says invalid id. :(

I want everyone who comments here to play the game and post their story in this group!

Nah.. who wants to know why I am copercoil :) but I enjoyed hearing about your name. Very fitting indeed.

do it

or i will make one up and call it fact

Zealous? YOU?<br />
<br />
I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!<br />
<br />

Now I want you to play the game and post your story in this group!