There's nothing elaborate behind my username.

Most in my circle know me from my original EP profile where my avatar was a quill pen.

I do like to write. Also, no one in my real life knows that I'm here, so, I am for all intents and purposes, anonymous.

Hence... Pennonymous.

I put the extra N in there because it looked better.
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
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why dump the old name?

Bleed still calls me Joey

Yup, sounds pretty catchy to me although I've also wondered what the meaning was/stood for etc, but now I know - nothing! :D<br />
<br />
What was your other profile name?

*steals ink cartridge... scampers off*

I don't think you want me writing things by burning holes in paper with my angry eyes. Best you return that...


Run Sonnet cos I wanna see that!!


Sonnet, now its your turn, post your story in this group!

Ummm. Okay. Maybe. I'll see. :)

Dente. I was going to post the link of your whiteboard (but your privacy restrictions...). For you, as requested :)

scampers off? lol havnt herd that in ages


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I thought it was because you wanted to be called Penny and dress up in Ediez pink rumbas?

shhhh! I told you that in confidence!

But they make you look so purdy!

*preens* You think so?

Yes but I just need to make one little adjustment *runs to fetch epilator*

Bleed now you have to play! Post your story in the group!

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I do think anyone who comments should have to play the game and post their story in this group!<br />
<br />
I am grateful it was not a Penn and Teller reference

Apparently, the extra N is simply a conversation piece. lol

I thought Penn was a reference to Pennsylvania. Really.

Now you have to post your story flipper

Done!! BTW, I'm not really a dolphin!!