A very simple explanation. I identify with dolphins. Their intelligence, their sense of fun, their sociability, their ferocious style as predators -- they are the humans of the deep. They will play with you, but you don't want to get on their wrong side!

Plus, Dolphins are impervious to shark attacks. Another reason to love dolphins!

The remarkably clever dolphin has amused us with its tricks and intrigued us with its intelligence, and now it turns out that it routinely defies death. It can ignore a wound that would kill a human within hours. Dolphins, according to a new study, are frequently attacked by sharks that leave gaping holes bigger than a basketball.

"Why don't they bleed to death?" asks Michael Zasloff, professor of surgery and immunology at Georgetown University Medical Center. "Why don't they get infections? Why aren't they eaten after the injury? Why doesn't the shark finish the job?"

Zasloff thinks he may have at least partial answers to those questions, although much more research needs to be done.

"I have concluded that what we see when we look at the dolphin is a medical miracle," he said in a telephone interview. And if scientists can figure out exactly how the dolphin cheats death, maybe humans can eventually learn how to do it too, through better treatment of all sorts of injuries, not just shark bites.

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So I really used to love dolphins, watched flipper as a little child.<br />
<br />
Recently though I watched a documentary on dolphins...did you know the young male dolphins will gang up on a female dolphin and "beat" her up, and not allow her to surface for air, so they can rape her......often times the girl dolphin will die....<br />
<br />
I think the dolphins have been interacting with humans or watching too much violent t.v.<br />
<br />
I try blocking this out of my memory and replace it with flipper saving the day....

That's very disturbing to know that dolphins have bad human characteristics such as that. I mean dain, not even a dolphin can be care-free female *rolls eyes(

I keep hoping that the people who made the documentry were on crack or lsd or something and that it was some weird fluke...

But speaking of human traits, mice sing to each other, one mouse will sing to another mouse if that mouse is nervous or scared...mommy mice sing to their babies!

I have a lot to learn about animals :p

I think next to dogs, Dolphins are the BEST human loves ever. I highly admire them for their personality and instincts whereas a shark has no personality, does not care who you are and takes a chunk out of your leg...how rude...<br />
<br />
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Wasn't that when the TV show of the same name aired?

That's true, but unrelated!

I'm guessing the 1966 part is somehow related to an ancient Celtic ritual...

Not even close.

The "1966" part. That's MY secret!! It will not be revealed.