Flo Dials

Funny story actually......I left my abusive ex and was in a very difficult time.  I met my now bf.  He is wonderful.  We talked about having a convertable and driving across country with the top off.  Enjoying the sites and people along the way.  We jokingly made persona's to go along with the dream.  His is Sydney Miner and is Flo Dials.  .........Syd and Flo on an adventure.  So Flo.....is because I am easy going and usually go with the flow of things.  Like to enjoy and experience life.  Dials is becuase.......well I have great nipples so I am told.  I was offered money to have them tattoo as radio Dials.  ....LOL......Another reason is once you get me going you can really mess with my dials. 

So it's just in fun .....but it fit me well....... So Flo it is. 
flodials flodials
41-45, F
May 10, 2012