How I Struggled To Be Saved.

There's this girl who thought she was forever lost

Who didnt care what she did no matter what the cost

Secrets were kept, covered by lies,

no body knew what rest behind her eyes.

no one knew the reasons for her defiance

and when they asked, all they got was silence

addiction took over, swallowed her whole

had no sympathy, for it took over her soul.

she lived behind a wall of anger

and constantly put herself in danger

she would not accept a helping hand

because continuing to live this way is what she had planned.

venomous words spat to her mother

abusive father drunk and dead, resting six feet under.

her mother, always full of love was scared for her daughters life,

did what was best and took away the knife

she sent her to be saved

hoping her life would be repaved.

the girl was constantly suffocating

the pain she felt was more than unsettling

she wasn't willing to go any farther

so she clung to her wall built of protective armor

but slowly she began to break it down

although she still wore a saddening frown.

there was so much pain hidden and suppressed

but over the months she has progressed

unleashing her demons

they vanished over the seasons

she found herself and held her tight

overjoyed that she has seen the light
a new person is what she has become

no longer living resentful and loathsome

a beautiful girl now stands up tall

she no longer has the need to fall

she created a new life which she lives by

because she was given the wings to fly
KatieMarie29 KatieMarie29
18-21, F
May 17, 2012