Joining EP, I didn't know how long I would be here and could definitely not predict how addicted I would get. So I chose a username rather carelessly--"Loki," after the Norse god of "probably fire" (the truth has been lost with time). He's infamous for troublemaking and has a many great stories about his antics (including making Thor get in drag and marry a male troll--true story). I've never used a username derived from "Loki" before, but I kind of wanted to reinvent myself for EP. I wanted to be sillier, more open, and a little mischievous here. So I picked Loki!

And added the numbers because "Loki" alone was taken, and I couldn't think of any meaningful attachments. I chose 12345 simply because they're easy to remember. And my very first internet account, when I was 6 years old, was Juliet12345. So it's kind of a homage, in a way.
loki12345 loki12345
May 20, 2012