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My username-- Well my username happens to be my name, Sabryna Brooklynne.
It all started back in '07. I was growing increasingly unhappy with having to pretend to be a happy boy. I had been raised as a boy since birth and had always wished I was a girl. Being born with a penis people automatically assume you are a boy and you will be one your whole life. Well I wasn't I was born with the mind and soul of a girl. I have now been told I was exposed to too much testosterone in the womb and it caused my sex organs to develop male, otherwise I would have been born with the correct female body.
Anyway, to get from 31 OCT '07 to 29 FEB, '08 go read my story "My Special Day Really Is Special." Now, all day, during the trip to breakfast, lunch, the mall etc. all mom wanted to do was talk with me about some things and trying to get to know her daughter better. She said she felt like she had missed soo  much. She was asking me all kind of questions about my likes and dislikes. She asked me about everything ahe could think of; Did I want to grow my hair long or keep it above my shoulders (LONG), did I think I would more likely to be a girly girl, emo type, or jeans and a teeshirt kind of style (CUTE ultra feminine STYLES). She asked me if I wanted to marry a guy one day or have a relationship with a girl (TOTALLY WANT ONLY GUYS AND AN AWESOME HUSBAND ONE DAY). She asked me if I preferred sneakers, boots, flats, or heels(HEELS).  The questions went on for most of the day, eventually she asked me what name I  want to be called and I told her I had several names in mind that I liked : Sabryna, Brooke, Ami, Amilynn, or Rebecca, but I hadn't settled on one yet. I also told her I was hoping she would help me decide. Well she suggested Becca Lynne, or Sabryna Brooklynne.  
I love my name so i decided to use it as my EP username as well.

-Thanks MOM!
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What an awesome, inspiring story to share. I admire your courage and wish you all of the best.