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My username is "Sweetpanties" because of what I wrote in my story titled "Scent of a Woman"....Check it out.

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My nae is LouAnna ; Lou, is my male name

Anna, is the name of my dearly departed sister, whom I loved very much and

I miss her as much today as I did the day she passed.

Anna caught me in her clothes when I was 7 years old, I was so scared I almost

peed my panties / her panties, but she was great about it, she took me by the

hand and taught me how I should stand, sit, walk, curtsy, she showed me how to

apply makeup, and do my hair. She did this for me every time we got the chance

to be alone at home together. She was my only friend for three years, until she

married and moved away.

May She Rest In Peace

With My Love And Her Name

I will Never Forget Her



Actually, Maria is a sexy name. The lady in a couple who are friends (I knew both separately before they met) is named Maria. She is over 40 now and still drop-dead gorgeous.

I am sure you are sweet smelling and tasting.

It is a wonderful story.

I think my user name is self explainitory.

Bare Hugs


i bet your scent is real sweet

That's one lucky guy.

i can't find it either,

and ep sent me an email to say that you are a fan of mine , do you know how that works ?

Where do I find the story "Scent of a woman". I cannot find it. Can't follow your scent, but I am sure it is the sweetest scent of all. Love ya for it.......