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My username is "Sweetpanties" because of what I wrote in my story titled "Scent of a Woman"....Check it out.

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My nae is LouAnna ; Lou, is my male name<br />
Anna, is the name of my dearly departed sister, whom I loved very much and<br />
I miss her as much today as I did the day she passed.<br />
Anna caught me in her clothes when I was 7 years old, I was so scared I almost<br />
peed my panties / her panties, but she was great about it, she took me by the <br />
hand and taught me how I should stand, sit, walk, curtsy, she showed me how to <br />
apply makeup, and do my hair. She did this for me every time we got the chance <br />
to be alone at home together. She was my only friend for three years, until she <br />
married and moved away.<br />
May She Rest In Peace<br />
With My Love And Her Name<br />
I will Never Forget Her<br />
LouAnna<br />

Actually, Maria is a sexy name. The lady in a couple who are friends (I knew both separately before they met) is named Maria. She is over 40 now and still drop-dead gorgeous.

i bet your scent is real sweet

That's one lucky guy.

i can't find it either, <br />
<br />
<br />
and ep sent me an email to say that you are a fan of mine , do you know how that works ?

Where do I find the story "Scent of a woman". I cannot find it. Can't follow your scent, but I am sure it is the sweetest scent of all. Love ya for it.......