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What's In A Name?


Originally posted July 2012.  Edited November 2013 to remove names of actual people in my life.

Well, the 1995 part is easy right? After all, it was such an epic year; I'm truly surprised more of you don't have it in your usernames. What's that? You don't know why it is an epic year? Come on, you're kidding right? I'll give you three guesses.

Huh? The year OJ was found innocent? Well, okay I guess that happened, but no, that's not why it was an epic year.

The DVD was invented? Okay, I'll admit that is kinda cool, but no, I'm talking about something really big here.

Ugh, no, not the break up of the Greatful Dead.

Come on people! 1995 is the year my twin and I took our first breaths (and yes, just for the record, I beat him out ... not that I'm competitive or anything).

Wow, and I though that was the easy part. Okay, so why "Sarabee"? Well, I am called by many names! My full name is Sara Elizabeth, but I only hear that when I'm in trouble and only from Mom. Many years ago it got shortened to SaraBeth and to this day, that is what my mom calls me (most of the time ;-).

Guys being guys, my dad and bro felt that too much effort was exerted in enunciating all the complex sounds contained in SaraBeth so it got shortened to Sarabee. Today, my dad is the only one that still uses this nickname for me and its always when he's in a good mood which makes it one of my favorites!

So that's the history of Sarabee1995, but the evolution of my name did continue; and, as previously stated, I am called by many names. My twin brother continued to have trouble with the exertion involved in pushing enough air from his lungs to say SaraBeth or Sarabee, so he has since shortened that to "S B" which on most days sounds more like "Esbie". However, be careful calling me that around him. He has made it known among our friends that only he can call me SB. To the rest of my friends, I am simply Sara.
SaraBee1995 SaraBee1995 18-21, F 11 Responses Jul 20, 2012

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That's an interesting story, Sara. I hope people didn't really have trouble figuring out the 1995 part. Seems pretty obvious considering your age is listed as 18-21 and you have talked about being in college (generally 18-22 for undergrads).

I promise not to call you "SB" when I'm around your bro ;-)

Lol yeah I'm sure most people had that figured out pretty quick. I was just *trying* to be funny. :-)

I thought you were probably just being facetious, but there are some pretty clueless people out there. I’m glad to hear you weren’t hit with a bunch of questions about what 1995 was referring to. That would be really bad.

Cool idea for a user name. For me it was pretty simple I live in the country and this is experience project so Countryexperiences was born.

That's cool.

I like your thought into your name better though. It is more personal.

Well, in all honesty, this is an online name that I have used for a very long time going all the way back to when I first got a computer and an AOL account. :-)

Still cool. I use a different name for my games and stuff, those names are pretty much the same, but I wanted something different for this.

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I've changed mine a couple of times, but the one I'm using now, BLACKTIGER75, is simple. I'm (obviously) a black man, my favorite animals are tigers, and I was born in 1975.

Makes perfect sense! Thanks.

Good story, but I honoestly did guess why 1995 was a big deal before reading your story. I just shortened my name (David Johnstone) and saw no reason to include they year.

very lovely story ,Sara. lots of love to you :))

Thanks Dyz! Lots of love right back to you!! :-)

Haha, cool story Sara. I love the '95 trivia, btw. Nice touch.

Google is my friend.

Google is a friend to us all, lol. :)

To me, you're Sara.

Because you are, after all, my friend. ;-)


Tell Kevin I said, "hi", SB !<br />
<br />
=)<br />

Better be careful there old man! You're best to keep him on your side!

Excellent! One name, many shades of meaning. Thanks for sharing! :-)

You're welcome Beth!

You're such a clever girl, Sara! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history behind Sarabee1995 :)

Haha, thanks Riley!

That was more entertaining than any high school history class I`ve been in. The only thing that could make it better is a detailed timeline of the events of 1995, so that the questions were multiple choice instead of fill in the blank. But that`s just me.

Detailed time line? Umm try Google. But thanks for the nice comment! I had fun writing it.