Most People Assume Something Else

My username is actually what my nickname used to be as a teenager. The coccyx is the last four fused vertebrae of your spine, also called your butt bone. So, in short my username is a polite, if not confusing way of saying little a$$. Starting at about 14 my parents started calling me little a$$ more often then they did any thing else. I admit that I had a very smart mouth and it took me several years to learn when to keep it shut.
I have found that because of how coccyx sounds when you try to pronounce it most people assume that it has a sexual meaning. No one ever asks, they just make assumptions.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2012

That's very interesting. I see, it's "little @$$" with "coccyx" substituted for the cuss word. I had assumed, when I saw it, that it was sexual, since the coccyx is in that area. You pointed out about the pronounciation and I realized it sounds something like the words "c*ck s*x".