Live Love Burn Die....those of you who Atreyu fans, should have heard the song called "Lip gloss and black". If you haven't, listen to it, it's old school screamo at it's best....anyway, "Live Love Burn Die" is a line in the song, and my interpretation is: Life is short, and we're put on this Earth to love and to have your life to the fullest because we all, figuratively, have a fire that will burn out and we will what are you gonna do with your life while your here?

LiveLoveBurnDie LiveLoveBurnDie
1 Response Jul 4, 2008

Very cool interpretation...really like it...what am I gonna do while I'm here?...try to make the most of each day... love the best that I can...learn what I need to a life of service to others...choose the truth...Great story...thanks for sharing... SS