Years ago, we moved to the Northwest. I had grown up fishing and hunting.  In my new office was a guy who did a lot of fishing, and liked to tell lots of fish stories.  He had lots of stories about catching steelhead.  First, I didn't know what steelhead were, as I had grown up fishing in the center of the country, catching bass, blue gill, and cat fish.  So asked if I could go steelhead fishing with him.  Best months for steelhead were in the winter from November through March.  Would be on the river by sunrise, ready to catch one of the steelhead.  Finally on 9th trip, got one fair hooked, and after a fight landed a 12 pound steelhead.  Steelhead are the ocean going version of rainbow trout.  Only they are a long and sleek fish with lots of fight.  We were drift fishing, where you cast up stream and let the bait drift down stream with the current.  Fishing near the bottom where weight hits some of the time.  There is no strike, just a tightening of the line as they bit on the bait, and when they feel pressure, let it go.  So, my username is in memory of catching that first steelhead
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Sep 11, 2012