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Papri means flower petal in my language and i think it is the most beautiful thing God created..I love flowers :)
I wanted my name to be Papri from childhood because it was the name of my closest friend and i loved her and her name obviously. She was a beautiful and very nice girl..she died when I was in my 6 or 8th grade I think..i don't remember because she was sick and her parents moved to a bigger city for medical treatment :(
My parents disliked my birthname to be changed and even doesn't like me to be called Papri.
I love to be called Papri..and one of my close EP friend calls me 'Lil flower petal' :)  
papri papri
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It hard to lose a best friend,especially at an early age. I think Papri is a beautiful name.Its obvious it means a great deal to you. My user name stems from my Dads humor, talking backwards.His name was Sidney ,backwards its Yendis.So mine is pronounced as the same way. The 32 after it stems from my childhood days when my favorite baseball pitcher was #32 Sandy Koufax. -all my best to you-

I do remember your name Larry. :)

I feel really sorry for what happened to Papri. That must have been tough for you.

You always be Papri to me, I think it suit you :)
Sorry for your loss *hugs*

It is a very pretty name and the meaning makes it even more special. I am sorry about losing your friend.....That is sad but in some ways you totally keep the thoughts of her with you and alive by loving her name and memory.......

i have some happy playful memories with her..she was a sweet friend to me..always.

I love flowers too! I'm so sorry that you lost your friend.

It is a lovely name Papri. I wish I had the strength to change my name to Jen Vice It is who I really am, but it would break my father's heart.

I am are always Jen Vice for me :)
i couldn't change my birthname as well my parents would never agree because they like my birthname :(

Jen Vice is my birthname. I am adopted and go by my adopted family's chosen name and my married name. It is not me but I guess it is.