I got my username a long time ago, when I was a little boy just getting into dressing as a girl. I adored dresses which I wore almost everyday through out my life. Anyways, my mom bought atleast 3 amazing dresses that were to die for. They were so dreamy I thought about them and wore them a lot.

When I grew out of them I bought my own, the ones I loved stayed with me. When I joined EP I thought of them and created my account.
dreamydresses dreamydresses
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I've Been A LEOTARDFREAK, Since I Was Around 7yrs Old When My Sister Dressed Me 2 The 9's As A Ballerina. I Wore A Very Cute Leotard And Tights And Tutu And Even Put My Hair Up In A Bun. I Wore Leotards And Tights Ever Since.

I personally love your name and think it's really cute. Your stories are great and inspiring.