The Story Of My Name

I had several modifications in my username that surrounded wood.

There's no specific reason for the "wood". Maybe it's because I like trees.

I had "fightingwood" as a username before but there was an EPeep (a minor at that) who thought that wood represented something mature and fighting is some descriptive word to it.

I assured her that it was because I have a fighting spirit and she just laughed. So, I changed my username to "thelonewood".

I initially decided to go about the site without any friends at all. But as time came to pass and people fanned me, I have realized I like some people so much and began adding friends.

I have a very strange credo though. I almost never fan people, unless they specifically request it. In my three years here, I think I broke that credo three or four times. Those are the people I really want to follow. I'll practically be in awe.

But the syllable "lone" has a more substantial reason. It is because I am a loner in real life. I am an extreme introvert so I have very few friends and those few friends aren't always with me. In effect, I become a loner.

While I shout at the world I am a loner, it will hurt me very bad if someone tells me upfront I am a loner. If you say that I have no friends, it is like you just stuck a knife in my heart. Really.

And that is the story behind "thelonewood".

Update (August 9, 2014):
I changed my name from "thelonewood" to mareliberum.

Mare Liberum a Latin phrase that means 'open sea.'
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 12, 2013