I Think The Picking Of A Username Does Say Something....

The picking of a username says something about the user, I always like it when someone has a unique name and has a cool story to go with it. I am always disappointed when a cool name has no meaning to the person that picked it, like on one site I was on a guy used the name turtletantrum, it gave me a funny image a benign creature like a turtle having a tantrum and then he told me he only picked tantrum because it started with a t like turtle, how disappointing. I was hoping maybe he got really mad at a turtle or something to that effect. My own user name is pretty boring but I do have a reason, I picked it ten years ago when I joined a photography social site and my name is Michele, so I picked the "chele" part of my name and my best friend cat's name was Beelzebub at that time and I called him "bub" for short, hence my name "Chelebub". After using it on so many sites for so many years it feels like it would wrong to get rid of it even it is a little mundane. I love hearing stories about how some people have picked the "cooler" names that they have.
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Jan 20, 2013