It Fits Me To The T

BlackPantyAffair, Kind of like Black Tie Affair, Except with Panties that are black and Lacy and Affair/event.

blackpantyaffair blackpantyaffair
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2013

Your user name grabbed my attention in an instant! It's so evocative. Formality and intimacy succinctly combined in 16 letters. My mind races to thoughts of a social affair in which the colour of panties is dictated. What sort of even is it? How will anyone discover whether you've followed the dress code? Black for upscale. Panties for sexuality. I love it!

I picked my username because I am very self conscious. I wanted a name to remind me that I'm beautiful :)

hey its your name,do as her please's :) lol can you add me ??

had a women friend give me my id name cause she said I kinda sounded a lil like a southern : - ) but then I told her I was :)