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My Name

My real name is Yavuz but my English mates used to call me Yavy since it was easier to pronounce for them..

Thats my story ;)

Yavy Yavy 26-30, M 10 Responses Dec 19, 2008

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I m curious about their answer :D

Lol thanks, and if my kids ask how did I think of that name I'd say I got it from an online friend whose avatar is a cute chocolate candy :D

heheh gee thx i feel honoured, i m sure you ll have the nicest kids :)<br />
your nickname reflects your personality ;)

Yup, Anschel means "happy". It's supposed to be a Hebrew name for boys but I like its meaning so I chose it as my username. :D <br />
<br />
Hmm I'm going to add your name in my list for children's names (if I ever have one lol). :p

"Maynard" refers to Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool.

lol its just a coincidence :) Yavuz also means Brave ;) you have a story for anschel?

Chickita means sweet young girl in Spanish, and its just an endearing way of saying female. I'm not Spanish but i use it all the time when referring to friends...kinda like some people call each other darling.

Lol! They probably are a fan of Hard rock cafe..? :p

Hi anschel :) Thank you.. It means "Hard" and my surname is "Rock".. funny eh? xD

That's a nice unique name, Yavuz. How did your parents think of that name and what does it mean? :)