This Is My Reason

 The reason i chose my user name, is, first of all, my nationality is "Welsh", and the babe!!! lol  is after my gorgeous, beautiful daughter,.

"She is the real welshbabe"!!!  lol  


welshbabe welshbabe
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Ha!!ha!!ha!! i enjoy listening my chickee!!!! :-)

More reading out loud. Here I go.

Oh!!!!! yes! i would! SM2010, "get your rest, my young friend! and i will definately be listening to you tomorrow! my young friend! ! :-) :-)

I'm going to read more of my story out I took a nap. I'm awake. Tonight I will go to bed earlier now.

Hello!!! my sweet, sweet friend! lol :-)


Awwwww!!! thank you! Seetpea! for stopping by and leaving a comment! thank you!!!! :-)

Ha!!ha!!!ha!!! SM2010! :-) i know, Ep is soooo!!!!! addictive isn't it!!?? and we are all friends on here, we jist love logging in to see and talk to each other! lol :-)

of course. I'm back. I think I'm chained to E.P. <br />
I can't get away...

I bet, when you log back in!, i'll be heading for my bed! :-( it's neally 10:00pm! and i am tired! If i don't speak to you tonight, i shall see you tomorrow! my young friend! :-) Enjoy your shower and your nap, my chick!!! :-)

I need a shower and a nap. I will be on again when I'm awake..

Thank you!. thank you!! carpediem8, :-) for dropping by! I read between the lines! and i noticed the heart i put there! omg!! that is how bad my "eyesight" is without my glasses! thank you!, :-) i just put a "proper" heart there now!!! lol <br />
Thank you so much for your lovely comment my young friend! :-) And your comment on, our pics!!! thank you!!!! :-)

You are welcome.

Lollollol SM2010! thank you to! for stopping by! :-) <br />
<br />
Yes! i just listened to your video blog and commented on it, to! "zombie" lollollol awww!!! loves you! :-)

Awwww! thank you! so much LittleLena! for stopping by! and your lovely comment! :-)

I'm a zombie.

You are welcome<br />
<br />
When I get home. I will read more and posting video of my story. I'm at school now. <br />
<br />
I finished my home for this week.

Thank you! SM2010!! for dropping by! my friend! :-) thank you! :-)

Thank you! so very much Roxanne! :-) thank you for your comment! my friend! :-)


That's really nice.

Awwwww!!!! thank you! misty!! thank you! :-)

Aww, that's sweet :)