View From the Road

i initially chose 'roadkil' b/c that's how i felt when my wife abandoned our 17 year marriage.  and especially how she has beaten me all to hell in the last year.

i stopped at 1 "L" because there were 'roadkills' all over the place.  but then it occured to me that it was appropriate too because i couldn't even finish the name before she backed up and ran over me again.

having said that, it's evolved into a positive id in my mind since then, if you can imagine.  mostly because i think along with the funny pic it tells a person straight off that i'm a crazy, humorous, self-deprecating goofball.  it attracts the same kind of goofballs i really enjoy cavoting around with.  so its all good.

roadkil roadkil
46-50, M
Feb 13, 2009