Named Really Named

When I was 16 I interned with a film company called illuminati pictures.  As part of my internship I was consantly editing with my director.  During one of our editing session (we always talked a lot during them) He looked over at me and said "You know what Jill? You need a nickname.  I think we should call you WindChild." Then his wife chimed in and said "Yeah, and you shound spell it with a y insteand of an i and put an E on the end." I know that sounds routine and norma (even a little stupid lol)l.  But it was the first time someone had taken enough interest in me to know what I was like enough to capture me with a name that perfectly described me.  And so I now go by, WyndChilde

Flowersfallen Flowersfallen
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

What a wonderful thing to happen to you Wyndchilde - I'm glad you had mentors. We all need them in this life. What a wonderful gift they gave you. Mox