Truthsayers Never Lie

I chose the username "truthsayer" because I am in harmony with it. Truthsayers never lie and I am in the practice of walking the righteous path. I tell the truth "as I know it" and have experienced it.

Truthsayer Truthsayer
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

My username is Ellenoi because in a book that I read a while back it is a name for someone with special powers and someone that breaks the norm. <BR><BR>You could probablly guess that i break the norm, however i dont think that i have powers like flying but i do have the ability to sense other peoples emotions which is good when trying to be empathetic, the catch is that whatever they are feeling radiates on me as well. So if they're angry then i get angry lol. <BR><BR>Also the book was set in an alternate reality and i sometimes think that i belong in a differernt world.