Who Or What Is Timotito?

I get asked that occasionally. It's a fun little story. Let me set up the background first.

When I was born, I was very tiny (2lb, 6oz), and my parents didn't have a name for me (cuz they weren't expecting twins!) So someone (not sure who) came up with Tiny Tim, cuz it was just past Christmas, and that story is a big part of the Christmas holidays.

Back in the 80s, I worked for a Spanish language Christian radio station based in my home town. It was a fun place to be. (A friend got me a job there.) And in the 90s I went to college with a lot of Central American students who were there on scholarship. In fact, several of them became my good friends. I didn't - and still don't - speak much Spanish, but I love hearing the language. From time to time, I get out my bilingual Bible (bilingue Santa Biblia) and read the Scriptures in both languages. Even though I don't speak the language, I can read it ok. I can usually figure out some of the words without having to look them up.

So, after I moved to Seattle in '00, I decided I wanted to be a Canadian. I didn't like the direction this country was heading at that time, and I was meeting a lot of Canadian guys online. (One from Saskatoon was an almost boyfriend and another from Nanaimo was my bf for a brief period.) So, I decided then that I wanted to be -- get this -- a Spanish-speaking Canuck!! Seriously. Si senor y senora! 

It was around that time that I created this username for myself.  I knew that, in the Spanish language, adding "-ito" for males or "-ita" for females was the diminutive. (e.g., Robert or Robby would be Robertito. A young or unmarried lady is senorita from senora. So, Tiny Tim and Timmy were changed to Timotito. (The regular Spanish spelling is Timoteo.) 

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Feb 23, 2009