Been Asked Alot Lately..

I picked Aurora Australis because Im from NZ and I wanted a reference to the southern hemisphere - where the Southern Lights can be seen. My Mum also calls me her light so that was a nice tie in.

Also Aurora is the name of the princess in the ballet of Sleeping Beauty - I used to do ballet (and am still really interested in art and culture) and what girl doesnt want to be a princess?! So it had lots of layers of meaning to me :)

Iv also been reminded that Aurora is the name of the Roman goddesss of the dawn - which is another nice tie in considering I studied Classics - Ancient Greece and Rome for about 5years :)

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
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:) Thanks Scoobs :)

Good choice Double A. Not sure how I missed this story. Glad I saw it :-) Better later than never!

Hello auroraaustralis,<br />
I chose Socrates1984,to remind of the Totalitarian society depicted in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four,which was actually manifesting when he wrote the book,and has is manifesting in ways<br />
the George Orwell would not have nvisaged.Later,when<br />
I read Plato's account of Socrates' incarceration on the<br />
false accusation of corrupting the minds of the Greek <br />
youth,and the dialogue he had with his visitors,during<br />
his incareration,and his subsequent death penalty (he<br />
was ordered to injest Hemlock,a potent poison,I finally decided on Socrates!984,because both Socrates and<br />
Eric Blair (George Orwell was an alias) would not accept the prevailing orthodoxy ( were independent thinkers),<br />
and for this Socrates was executed,and Eric Blair was much maligned by the establishment press,and if it were not for one courageous publisher,Animal Farm would never have been published,and the world would<br />
never had known the real story behing the March and<br />
October Russion Revolutions.

Indeed :) I like to think of that as the ultimate good grade :D

very well chosen. fits you perfectly;b