Why did I choose the "Deathstalker Scorpion", to be my user name? No, I am not a Scorpio (I'm a Pisces for the record), a lot of people think that I am a Scorpio, especially when they see me wearing one of my 3 scorpion necklaces or other forms of jewelry that have scorpions on them. The Scorpion, is actually my favorite animal, and one of my biggest interests, and it has been for many years. It all started when I was around 9 years old, I was watching a documentary about animals that scare us, and the Scorpion was one of the animals featured in this documentary. After seeing that little clip about them, I immediately became fascinated by them, and I wanted to know more about them, and to this day, I still try to learn more about them. Out of all the interests that I've had, or currently have, my interest in Scorpions, is at the top of that list. Mention Scorpions to anyone who knows me well, and they'll probably think of me.
Now, as for the word "Deathstalker", well the Deathstalker, is a species of Scorpion, one of the most deadly in the world. I didn't pick that name because the Deathstalker is my favourite species (I really don't have a favourite species, I like them all). Or because it's responsible for killing hundreds of people every year. I just like the name "Deathstalker", I think it sounds cool. And it sounds very metal. And metal music is another big part of my life, has been for the last decade. All the more reason for me to choose that name. There you have it, the reason why I chose the name "Deathstalker Scorpion"
DeathstalkerScorpion DeathstalkerScorpion
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Scorpio was my first thought. That is really cool! I know exactly which show you are talking about too! Scorpions are really awesome!!! I want to be that colorful shrimp!!!