Pepper/Pimienta: A Part of Me

For those of you who are curious and don't already know, my user name, Pimienta, is Spanish for 'pepper.'  Pepper is a secret nickname that I gave myself 10 years ago, at 13.  I'm a bit sad to say that there never was and still isn't any interesting reason or story behind it.  Disappointing and boring, I know, but true.  I just like the look and sound of it, that's all, and Pimienta is just a nod to my Spanish heritage.

ArdentTerra ArdentTerra
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

you don't have to think too much 'bout it. it didn't take me a long time to nickname myself pepper. i love it a lot, and it's stayed with me since the day i began referring to myself as pepper. i honestly think that it'd make a great name for a child. not just for a pet. it's very adorable. i even thought about legally adding it to my full name. i'm very proud of it.

Reading your comment made me smile, and remember the first-ever time I used Pepper. Once in a while I'll shorten it to Pepps or Pimi(enta). For some reason, it's a huge relief, the comfort of knowing now that there is someone out there who, like me, also came up with a special, important secret nickname for themselves about 10 years ago. A nickname so special and important that it "just stuck." Maybe this great feeling of relief and comfort is from realizing that someone who can relate to me on this, has recently found me. Your comment really touched me, and made me become nostalgic for a second there. Thanks for sharing your story with me, Monti. <br />
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I originally chose Pepper, by the way, but it was already taken. Pepper, Pimienta, Poivre, Pfeffer; any one will do. Secretly, I prefer Pepper a lot more. It's lived and stayed with me since the start of my adolescence. I'm now 22-years old, turning 23 this June.

My nick name is MontiPora. I chose this one also about a decade ago when I started keep a salt water reef tank in my living room. The first bit of coral that I bought was a "Montipora Capricornicus." It just stuck. Most of the time, I just use "monti" but that nic was taken already.