Well, this is my 3rd user name in EP since 2008. Over a period of time, my usernames did evolve. Yes !!! most often your username does tell you a story. I chose Manifest- Ray because I am obsessed about manifestations and quantum theories. I want to crack the code one day. May be discover a formula and understand better why time and space does not exist. Then Ray is my spiritual name. I named my self that, as I feel that I am a part of a divine spark. Ray of truth.
manifesteray manifesteray
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I have had EP friends come and go, and I often wonder how things have turned out for them.

I agree. I always come to back to EP for some comfort when everything else has failed and somewhat disappointed me. I had an awesome circle of friends from so many different countries and cultures. Think of them every now and then. I miss you guys. :(