Why That Username?

I picked out this username about 5 years back around the end of February...

I know this specifically cause, I relate it to something in particular.. the death of my Cousin- 

Her mother had abandoned her at the age of 3 and years later when she was an adult came looking for her and my cousin forgave her.

Her husband hit her, abused her verbally, and had a child with someone else and she still forgave him. He is in my eyes, the reason why she is not in this earth anymore (but that is a different story).

Everytime we asked her but why? why dont you leave? come with us. She would say you dont understand he is my LIFE I LOVE him..

It didnt matter what she was going thru in her personal life she never had an angry word for anyone.. and she used the words I love you to ALL the family..

toluvis2live is my way of always keeping her within my heart.- she told me so many times she loved me.. but I cant think of one time I told her.-I guess its my way of telling her I loved her too.(too late)- 

I still have problems in saying these words- but I now try my hardest to use them often.

So now that I've bored you with my story.- Can you tell me yours?       


toluvis2live toluvis2live
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

maybe you never said it verbally but you showed her by wanting to protect her. Im sure she knew that you loved her.

My user name is derived from my love of my old black lab whom I recently lost.