I Have Changed My Username

I changed my username. When I chose the first one, I chose it when I was looking for some free therapy, because I was just feeling like I was going kinda stir-crasie, not that I'm in 'stir' because I'm not! =P  I just felt very isolated i wasnt talking to people. Whe I did talk I didn't open-up. I was secretive. 

Aaanyway, so I got my free therapy, from my friends here. Nearly enough of it, too! I also decided that i was not projecting a great self-image to myself with the old name, I mean it doesn't have to be too positive, but I think if i look at my self as a crasie person, well how will I get better?

So I am much more comfortable being an old-type Alsatian Dog. Roaming the world, looking for friendship and adventure. Helping people with their problems. He's so heroic! A role-model for kids, both boys and girls can both identify with a dog, as it apppears sexless.

Of course at the end of every adventure, the family he helps always offer to adopt him and every single time he turns down the offer, and goes on the road again...  :'(



This is my positive, *honest, i'm fixed and ready to go* face, can't you see?




Wow, this story makes no sense any more! I was called TheLittlestHobo (after the canine character from the TV series) when I wrote this story, having changed my name from BaskitCase. Now I've been UnidentifiedHomelessWeirdGuy for a while, and just recently changed my name again to UnidentifiedHobo, due to EP's new "Suggestions For You" which can't handle long names.

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Tehehe! =P =P

Have at it. :)<br />
<br />
<br />
I don't care anymore since my name is no longer stormy!<br />
<br />
<br />

I like stormy.<br />
<br />
I'd like a dog called Stormie. =P

Fine then, I won't recycle it!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
*sneeks off to steal BaskitCase's name*

Aww! Thanks! *blushes* :P<br />
I'm glad to hear it!<br />
I liked it too, I'd started to think of myself as BaskitCase!<br />
It is difficult for me to say to someone else that they shouldn't make their username after their biggest problem or some undesirable trait or habit they are trying to break, if I still call myself a basket-case. So it had to go. <br />
And NO!! No-one is allowed to recycle names, it's confusing/weird! :P

Thats true...if you continue to call yourself something and think of yourself as something you will continue to be it.....I liked your old name too though. You changed the meaning of 'baskitcase' in my mind Lol!! To me it took on the meaning meaning of..."a unique, interesting, fun" person. <br />
<br />
I didn't think of it as crazy. :)

The Old name was BaskitCase.. but I am not a basket-case any more! :P Cant get well calling myself that! :)<br />
I gotta eat,, see you in a few mins!

Could you understand that? I think I missed half of the words out? .. hmm gonna edit it. Sorry I keep disappearing, it's the connection!

hhahahaha im sorry i dont know if your trying to be funny or not lol<br />
no no-but i get it. lol you intrigue me a bit :]