I wanted my username to just simply be Neverland, but it was unavailable. It's not that I don't want to grow up, it's just that I have no clue what I want out of life yet. And I'm wasting my time trying to figure it out. I wish I could stay where I am until then. And some of my favorite Say Anything lyrics say "I'm longing for a neverland where I can make you oh so happy".

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I wanted the name "fleur" but it was unavailable, so I made up fleurina

Iacchos is a Greek name that means "He who shouts" roughly. Deru is the Indo-European word from which we get the current words: True, truth, trust, tryst, plate, platter, bowl and tree.<br />
<br />
So my name means "He who shouts (pick one): <br />
a) the truth<br />
b) at trees<br />
c) from bowls<br />
<br />
LOL. Really, it means One who shouts the Truth.

The way I got motherhen1962 is My husband and me start a youth group out of our house to help teens that are living a life from the street. The teens would call me motherhen because they could alway talk to me and I just tell them what I thought. They called my husband the Bible Thamper, because he told them straight up how it was. We figure if we can keep one teen to not go down the wrong road. We told them how are live was in the pass and how God helped us. 1962 was the year I was born.